I Will Go Down If You Hold the Rope // Some Exciting News

In 1792 William Carey founded the first Protestant Missions organization with a number of pastors and theologians in the UK. Andrew Fuller (a founding member of the BMS) described the conversation that set it all in motion:

"Our undertaking to India really appeared to me, on its commencement, to be somewhat like a few men, who were deliberating about the importance of penetrating into a deep mine, which had never before been explored. We had no one to guide us, and while we were thus deliberating, [William] Carey, as it were, said, 'Well, I will go down if you will hold the rope.' But before he went down, he, as it seemed to me, took an oath from each of us, at the mouth of the pit, to this effect, that 'while we lived, should never let go of the rope.'"

I love this story for so many reasons. It shows how the Great Commissions requires all hands on deck. It displays the dynamic importance and interdependent relationship between those who go and those who send. It demonstrates that the driving conviction of those going down must be proportional to those holding the rope (and vice versa). And it proves that when the church apprehends a vision for this kind of sending and going, the world will feel the impact. Carey and Fuller changed history and ignited a new catalytic season in world missions


Our family believes in the Great Commission. It is our great privilege to be a part of Jesus' iron-clad promise that the Gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed to all nations before the end of this age (Matt. 24:14). We consider it the great honor of our lives to be able to go down together "for the joy set before us."

Over the years we have been supported month to month by a handful of comrades who have been faithful in sowing financial seed through our sending church in Georgia. And over the years, mailing a check to Christ Community Church has been the only way people could support us. Until now.

We are excited to say that there are now more ways to give that are easy and (also) tax-deductible. For those who have supported us through CCC, you can continue to do so. But for the many who have asked us over the years if it were possible to give electronically, now you can.

We are able to put our hands to the plow only because of the generosity of friends and family who have partnered with us through monthly financial support. If you would consider partnering with our family by becoming a regular supporter, we would be honored and grateful

"We will go down if you will hold the rope."



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You can make online donations through Frontier Alliance International (FAI) which is a registered non-profit 501(c)3. You can give one-time gifts or select "Make This Recurring (monthly)" (setting up monthly support may not work on your mobile device). In the comment box, type, 'For Dalton and Anna.' 


To send a tax-deductible check, make it out to "Frontier Alliance International". Make sure nothing else is written in the memo lineand be sure to include a separate note indicating that the check is “For Dalton and Anna”. Send the checks to 

PO BOX 191
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For those who belong to our Christ Community Church family in Georgia (our home sending church), you can continue to or start to give tax-deductible support by hand dropping or mailing a check made out to "Christ Community Church" to:

Christ Community Church
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Columbus, Georgia 31907

Make sure nothing else is written in the memo line and be sure to include a note that the check is “For Dalton and Anna”.

As we begin a new season of ministry on the back side of our sabbatical season, we are feeling renewed fervor as a family to go down into the pit for the fame of The Name. And we are feeling deepening gratitude for those who are committed to holding the rope. Thank you.


Dalton and Anna