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Dalton Thomas is the Founder and President of Frontier Alliance International (FAI). He and his wife Anna have four sons and currently reside in the Golan Heights in northern Israel.

The Thomas’ founded FAI in 2011 in context to the outbreak of the ‘Arab Spring’ and the consequent disruption of the Muslim world. Since then, they have been pioneering initiatives in conflict zones across the Middle East. During the rise and fall of ISIS in Iraq, they lived in Iraqi Kurdistan where they worked alongside the Kurdish Peshmerga. As this relationship with the Kurds deepened, Dalton grew into a leading voice in pro-Kurdish advocacy. More recently, Dalton spearheaded an initiative inside Syria in coordination with the Israeli Defense Force providing large scale humanitarian relief to Syrian civilians caught in the crossfire of the war. This relationship evolved into the birth of Israel Alliance International (IAI), the Israeli Division of FAI. Another driving passion of the Thomas family is championing the underground church in Iran—the fastest growing church in the world today—and bringing their testimony to bear upon the western world.

Dalton and Anna now live in the Golan Heights and oversee a growing movement of pioneers and ministries that are multiplying across the Middle East. He is also the co-founder of Maranatha, a global fellowship of churches and ministries.

He is the Director of films and film series such as Sheep Among Wolves, Covenant and Controversy, The Frontier, and Better Friends Than Mountains.

Through his intimate connection with areas of consequence in the Middle East today, he is a frequent voice in international news and media seeking to understand and report what is happening on the ground that are notoriously difficult for journalists and news agencies.


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