Welcome to the New Site

For almost a decade I've been posting resources at daltonthomas.org (though the domain name changed a number of times). The vast majority of the content was in written or mp3 form. As the resource library grew in size and as different forms of media were integrated, it became increasingly difficult to manage and keep organized. Many of the nearly 500 sermons, were essentially the same message preached different ways at different times at different locations. Creating and maintaining a coherent site map was a frustrating task. 

Instead of overhauling the existing site yet again (as I've done twice a year for almost 10 years), I have rebuilt a completely new site on a different platform with a different structure that will serve the long-term purposes of the site in a much better way. 

In the next few months I will be adding the best resources from the old site to a new site map here with the intention that they would be easier to locate and access. I hope it's a blessing. 

In Jesus,
Dalton Thomas